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2002 BMW M5

This BMW was an excellent example of the drastic effect surface restoration can have on a vehicle. The years had taken it’s toll and the life had more or less been sucked out of the vehicle. It entered our shop with faded trim, brown tires, severely contaminated wheels, etching all over the glass, and above all else: swirls galore all over the paint.

Before shot of the M5 the moment it entered our shop
Trim Removal


Before we could dive into it, we first had to fully decontaminate the vehicle. This means stripping the vehicular surfaces of any contaminates that might effect procedures later on. We begin with a standard 2 bucket wash, clay bar treatment, and touch less blow drying. Fortunately, most of the trim pieces could be removed. This allows us to fix hidden defects, as well as ensure a very thorough restoration of the plastics while they are off the car. With us, our goal is to truly rejuvenate every surface that we can- not just the paint!

Paint Correction

Needless to say, we proceeded with a multi step paint correction procedure to remove the swirls and scratches that were causing the paint to look so dull. Thus, we began the tedious first stage of compounding, using our Flex rotary polisher a heavy cut compound. Our go to compound is from the ever so fabulous polish company, Menzerna. These German compounds work exceptionally well with BMW’s (and most Euro vehicles as well). There are no cutting corners with these products. We don’t use any products with fillers, or any polish that will hide or cover up paint defects. What you see is truly what exists. Our strict adherence to true surface restoration is one of our major points of pride. We are not a quick detail “buff & wax” shop. Rather we truly fix the surface to remove defects that cover up the true beauty of the paint underneath. In the end, we went over this M5 with four different stages of polish in order to truly make it Glisten.

Before Paint Correction
After Paint Correction

Black Pearl Tire Coating

Wheels and rubber are one of those surfaces that are often overlooked when it comes to “visual appeal.” To us, few things are worse than having perfect paint and dirty wheels. We prefer to remove the wheels to thoroughly clean the wheel wells, calipers, wheels and the rubber. The M5 received our “Total Surface Protection” treatment. After an extensive deep cleaning, we coated all wheel surfaces with Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper and the tires with Black Pearl Tire Coating. These products are excellent because they both achieve one of our biggest goals: they look good and make future cleaning easier! Take a look:

Before Black Pearl Tire Coating
After Black Pearl Tire Coating

Ceramic Pro

After the restoration was complete, we then completed the job with a 2 year warrantied Ceramic Pro Bronze package. Ceramic Pro adds the last bit of gloss to be gleamed from such a job as this. It also provides excellent UV protection as well as hydrophobicity for years. This allows for drastic resource reduction in future washing and maintenance. Below are some excellent after photos taken by our friends over at Motion Pixel Films.

Opti Coat Pro Auto Detail

UPDATE: We had a lot of feedback that people believed our before and after photos above were photoshopped. We have absolutely nothing to gain in presenting ourselves as anything other than what we are. So, we present our raw walk around videos before and after the job! This is not photoshop- this is detailing!


In the end, lots of little tasks added together is what allows for such drastic transformation of vehicular surfaces. Most used cars simply need some love by an expert hand. Just think- you are only moments away from having a like new car again!