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Ceramic Pro Bronze Package

Ceramic Pro Coating: Bronze Package

Our Ceramic Pro Bronze package is excellent value and a great introduction to adding a Ceramic Pro coating to your vehicle. Ceramic Pro is the leader in paint protection and will keep your car looking its best. The Ceramic Pro Bronze package comes with a two-year warranty and will add hydrophobic properties to your vehicle making dirt and grime slide right off so washing your car becomes a breeze. The Bronze package comes with one layer of Ceramic Pro Light on all exterior surfaces of your vehicle giving it protection and added shine. If you’ve been thinking about trying a Ceramic Pro coating on your vehicle, this package is very popular amongst our customers and will give you a taste of the benefits that Ceramic Pro offers. Come see our expert staff to get a Ceramic Pro package that is right for you.  


Ceramic Pro paint coating will protect your vehicle and make it a breeze to clean. If you want to keep your car looking its best and keep maintenance costs at an all time low, than our Ceramic Pro Bronze package is perfect for you. It will give your vehicle protection, added shine and a self healing effect keeping your paint looking its best.

Bronze Package Includes: 

  • 1 Coat of Ceramic Pro Light on Exterior Paint
  • 1 Coat of Ceramic Pro Rain on Exterior Windows
  • 1 Coat of Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper on Wheel Faces
  • 2 Year Warranty