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New Car Prep

Buying a car? Bring it to us right away. In fact, ship it to our facility! Building and selling a car is a complicated process. Vehicles pass through numerous hands before finally resting in your garage. Every step of the way, chances are good, someone did something wrong in their care of your vehicle. Most dealerships don’t have enough resources to leave a new vehicle in the best shape it can be. During 2016, 78% of the new vehicles or CPO vehicles we detailed within their first month of ownership had some sort of significant paint damage or defect upon delivery from the dealership. Some of these defects were simply missed during the vehicles inspection at the dealership. Some of these were intentionally known and attempted to be covered up by the dealership in order to save money. In both scenarios, our clients did not receive the car they thought they paid for. That is where we come in.

In the best cases, certain paint defects can be properly fixed, or significantly minimized by our detailing methods. In the worse cases, our clients cars had to be sent to body shops for repaint, then brought back to us for proper detailing and preservation. In most instances, our clients either received partial refunds or had their repairs covered by the party at fault.

Take a look at this new Tesla Model S. This vehicle came to our shop only 4 weeks old! It had a terrible detailing experience before pickup by our client. The vehicle was full of scratches and swirls. In the end, we took this “new” vehicle and made it look better than new, with lasting protection for easy maintenance.

Included in Package

  • Free Inspection! We offer this for all vehicles everywhere
  • Our Sport Package upgraded to a 5 year Ceramic Pro Silver Package or a Lifetime warrantied Ceramic Pro Gold Package
  • Full Frontal Clear Bra