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2018 BMW M2

Ah. The BMW M2. This gorgeous machine came to our facility with it’s plastic wrappings still on from the factory. Our goal: the ultimate in preservation sciences for the ultimate driving machine. This M2 will be daily driven, even in the harsh Minnesota winters! Only the best from Ceramic Pro Minneapolis will suffice to give the owner any hope of maintaining this vehicle in show quality condition…

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Ceramic Coating Minneapolis Detailing


First on the docket was a complete new vehicle preservation inspection. The vehicle was purchased and driven to our Minneapolis detailing facility with only 6 miles on it. Once it arrived, we stripped the factory plastics off and made sure the vehicle was in satisfactory condition before moving onto our surface preservation packages.

Paint Correction

After the auto detailing decontamination stages, the vehicle underwent light paint correction. Fortunately this vehicle only needed gloss enhancement processes. Our goal is to make the vehicular surfaces as defect free and glossy as scientifically possible before moving onto our Ceramic Pro Minneapolis preservation services.

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Window Tint

We adhere to strict operating procedures that have been developed with years of refinement. If you intend to get your vehicle tinted, this is the moment to do it! The best time to tint a vehicle is after a complete wash and decontamination, but before finishing paint correction. Most tint shops do not wash or detail your vehicle, nor even know what or how to do paint correction. It is our experience that doing it all together in a “one-stop-shop” allows for the best possible outcome. Our Twin Cities Ceramic Pro facility is set up specifically to provide the best outcome with the most convenience possible! The M2 received full Suntek Carbon InfraRed (CIR) 30% tint on all windows to help slow the effects the sun can have on the decay of the leather interior.

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STEK Clear Bra

Our preservation services are our pride and joy. This is who we are more than anything else we do. Our goal is to provide the best automotive detailing and preservation services in Minneapolis! We utilize two cutting edge technologies in our preservation services: STEK clear bra and Ceramic Pro Minneapolis. The M2 received a custom, full front end clear bra package: full hood, full fenders, full front bumper, headlights, mirrors, carbon fiber splitter, and we even replaced the factory clear guard on the quarter panels! Our clear bra is truly a work of art. You must see it to truly see how different what we do is compared to the norm.

STEK Clear Bra Minneapolis

Ceramic Pro

Finally we arrive to the end. As if all of the above was enough, we then did a full Ceramic Pro Gold Package on the entirety of the vehicle. The paint received 4 coats of Ceramic Pro 9H, 1 coat of Ceramic Pro Light, Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper Sprayed on both sets of summer and winter wheels, as well as all of the suspension and calipers. Ceramic Pro Rain was applied to the windshield, and finally 2 coats of Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl was installed on all of the clear bra. If clear bra protects against blunt forces that can damage your vehicle immediately, Ceramic Pro Minneapolis is all about protecting against the types of forces that slowly damage a vehicle over years of decay. This is why our new car paint protection packages always include both!

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SB3 Ceramic Coating Minneapolis
Twin Cities Paint Correction

Ceramic Pro Minneapolis

This is who we are. We were honored to preserve this BMW M2 to give it the best chances of slowing the decay processes that destroy vehicles in the Twin Cities. We pride ourselves in ensuring all of our customers are satisfied in our work. Watch the full video here!