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If you’ve been searching for ceramic coating clear bra paint protection film in Minneapolis that you can trust, then look no further than the passionate installers at Glisten PPF. Our passion for detailing comes from the desire to keep cars looking their absolute best. At Glisten PPF, we think of automotive paint protection as an art form. You spend a great deal of money on your vehicle keeping up with regular oil changes and other needed maintenance, so why not maintain your vehicle’s value by keeping it looking its best with our protection packages. We offer several different clear bra and ceramic coating packages including our full coverage clear bra installs, matte paint protection film, ceramic coatings, new car prep and paint correction options. Our expert staff will wash, decontaminate, polish, ceramic coat, & install clear bra paint protection film. If your vehicle needs paint correction, our team can remove swirling and marring or water spots from your paint using our clay bar treatment and polish. We also do new car protection packages and regular maintenance on your vehicle making sure it looks better than new when we’re done with it. 

After receiving one of our auto detailing packages, we highly recommend adding a layer of paint protection to your vehicle. At Glisten PPF, all of our technicians are experts when it comes to installing Ceramic Pro and Clear Bra. Adding Ceramic Pro to your vehicle will give your vehicle paint protection that lasts. Clear Bra will add an invisible layer of protection to your vehicle protecting it from rock chips, road salt, dirt and debris and adding a self healing effect. We offer several different Clear Bra packages including: Bumper and Headlights, Partial kit, Full Front Kit and Full Coverage Car, and Matte Conversion Wraps. We know you love your vehicle, so why not come see us at Glisten Detailing for the best paint protection film (PPF) Minneapolis has to offer and try Ceramic Pro to keep your vehicle’s paint super glossy and easy to clean.

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We make old things new. Sometimes we even take what may appear to be new and make it even better. Restoration is all about intentionality; it’s about making something look the way it was supposed to be.

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Surface preservation is the heart and soul of who we are. Your new car may look new now- but what about down the road? Or worse: why restore something if you don’t maximize your ability to prevent restoring it again?  Read all about Clear Bra Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Pro Coatings to see what we’re all about.

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It’s easier to maintain than to fix. Simple consistent washing uses less resources than starting at square one all over again. Less time. Less Energy. Less Water. Less Money. We figured it out so you don’t have to.


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