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Paint Correction

Step 1: Restore

All things decay. It’s life. When it comes to your car, people have just accepted that their new car will eventually “look” used and there is nothing to do about it. Imagine if your current car could look the way it did when it was new. There is good news: it can.


Paint correction is the process of using high speed polishers to burnish or remove infinitesimal amounts of paint from a surface. Consider the following video:

You can clearly see the effect paint correction has on restoring the surface of this paint. The vehicle is full of micro-scratches and swirls. These paint defects don’t allow light to evenly refract off of the clear coat, which dulls the visual appearance. Paint correction removes paint defects that cause the surface to look faded, hazy or “old.”

Now, you might be wondering- what’s the big deal over a bunch of little scratches? While by themselves it seems vain, added all together- the process is what makes an old vehicle look new again!

Consider the following BMW M5. When all of the micro-scratches and swirls were polished out of the paint, the true color and reflection was brought out, exposing a new appearance. You can read all about this M5 restoration here.

Now, after a solid paint correction, traditionally a wax would be applied. Why? To add a sacrificial layer on top of the paint to minimize the decay of the paint. However, more often than not, wax achieves the opposite result! Proceed to Step 2 to find out more now!

Step 2: Preservation