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Sport Package

Our Sport Package is the starting point for all of our detail services.  All of our services receive some form of Ceramic Pro, even if it’s just Ceramic Pro Sport. The best part? Sport comes with a 6 mont warranty and a FREE hand wash one month later!


Hand Wash/Clay Bar/ Blow Dry

• Up to 1 Step of Paint Correction

• 1 Coat of Ceramic Pro Sport (6+month longevity)

• 1 Coat of Ceramic Pro Rain on Windshield

• Door Jambs Cleaned & Wiped with CP Sport


• Vacuum

• Wipe down/ Dusting

• Interior Windows Cleaned

• Optional Deodorizing


From that package, all other packages are derived. Want more than 6 months? Consider a full on Ceramic Pro coating! Is your interior making you sick? Upgrade to a full steam cleaning.


• Multi-Year Warrantied Ceramic Pro Coatings

• Full Interior Steam Cleaning

• Headlight Restoration

• Wheel Removal + Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper Coating

• Window Tint

Paint Protection Film (AKA PPF or Clear Bra)

• DIY Washing & Maintenance Supplies

• Hand Washing Maintenance Plan