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Tesla Model S: New Car Package

This 2017 Tesla Model S came to our shop after only four weeks on the road. In that short amount of time, it was clear something needed to be done to it ASAP in order to keep it looking new for a long time. The owner approached us, initially seeking preservation services. However, after a thorough inspection of the vehicle, we came across a detailers worse nightmare: buffing trails, sand marks, solvent pop, and RIDS. Basically, someone did a number on this vehicle with one step on a high speed polisher. “Buffing” a vehicle with a foam pad on a high speed rotary polisher is a very outdated technique. It works well for creating great gloss very quickly, which is why it is most body shops and dealerships detailing weapons of choice. In the shade, a buff job will look nearly identical to a paint correction job like ours. But in the sun or under direct light, it is very obvious that something is not right.  When we use high speed rotary polishers, we always follow with additional steps of dual action polishers. This removes the most defects and simultaneously leaves the most gloss. But it is not quick. Which is why what happened to this Tesla still happens in our industry.

Ultimately, this new vehicle needed full paint correction. Once the paint was right, we installed Paint Protection Film (AKA PPF or Clear Bra) such as Suntek, Xpel, or STEK on the entire front end. The full hood, full fenders, and full front bumper were protected with clear bra. We always recommend PPF on full panels for a few reasons. The most obvious is not having any seams means the clear bra become completely invisible. This offers the best protection with the best visual satisfaction currently possible. However, an even more important reason is that installing clear bra on a partial panel over time achieves the opposite of the intended goal of PPF. With a partial PPF panel, the section of paint covered in PPF decays at a near zero rate, where the section of paint not protected decays at its normal rate. Thus, years later when the clear bra has run its course and needs to come off, there will be two completely different levels of paint on the surface. This creates a micro-line at the seam. On certain cars, depending on a variety of factors (color, paint quality, clear bra quality and longevity, maintenance, etc.), the line can be incredibly noticeable with no way to properly fix it short of repainting. And we find that ironic, because the fundamental objective for clear bra is to mitigate rock chips and prevent repainting later on.

Check out the following video for a complete before and after of this Tesla.

Black Pearl Tire Coating

Wheels and rubber are one of those surfaces that are often overlooked when it comes to “visual appeal.” To us, few things are worse than having perfect paint and dirty wheels. We prefer to remove the wheels to thoroughly clean the wheel wells, calipers, wheels and the rubber. The M5 received our “Total Surface Protection” treatment. After an extensive deep cleaning, we coated all wheel surfaces with Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper and the tires with Black Pearl Tire Coating. These products are excellent because they both achieve one of our biggest goals: they look good and make future cleaning easier! Take a look:

Full List of Services

New Car Prep Package

  • Full Paint Correction
  • Full Front End Suntek Clear Bra
  • Full Suntek Window Tint
  • Ceramic Pro Silver Package- 5 year Warranty!
  • 1 Coat of Ceramic Pro 9H on all paint
  • 1 Coat of Ceramic Pro Light on all paint, trim, and glass
  • Ceramic Pro Rain on windshield
  • Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper on wheel faces
  • Free inspection wash 30 days later

If you are buying a new car, be sure to bring it to us for a FREE inspection. You never know what we might find. We are so passionate about the importance of new car packages, we will even meet you at the dealership! Plus, we offer 15% discounts on Ceramic Pro packages if no restoration is needed. Contact us today to get started.