2022 Tesla Model 3 Colorchange Wrap

We had the pleasure of accomplishing an extremely challenging color change wrap project on our client’s Tesla. The film selected is an extremely rare, solid color shifting PPF film supplied by STEK. Only 250 rolls of this film were made. Typically color change wraps are performed with vinyl film, such as 3M 2080. Vinyl is a dry application and utilizes heat to shrink & conform to a panel. The film is typically 3 mils thick, enabling it to be “wrapped” fairly easily, ensuring the original color of the car is not seen.

Most PPF installers wouldn’t dare attempt a color change wrap with an 8 mil thick, wet application film. It is very common for PPF wraps to have significant relief cuts, none-wrapping edges, or edges & seems that do not align adequately to completely cover the paint beneath the film. A typically clear bra installation simply will not suffice to accomplish an end result like this. However such installs are our speciality and our preferred type of work.

The end result is an extremely glossy finish simply unmatched by paint or vinyl. Only PPF installed with the utmost precision could yield this result.

Services Performed:

  • Bespoke STEK Dynoshift Green Paint Protection Film (1/250 rolls made) on entirety of the vehicle
  • Deep scratch & collision repair including sanding, primer, & clear coat
  • Full disassembly of exterior trim
  • Ceramic Pro coating on clear bra, trim, exterior glass, wheels, & calipers



Tesla Colorchange Wrap
Tesla Clear Bra
Glisten Clear Bra